Pastor Darrel Gibson

Pastor_Gibson In Scotland County, among the greatness of many citizens, there resides a young innovated, energetic, passionate man with a heart of service to mankind. This young man is a pastor, leader, counselor, friend, confidant, and most of all, a servant to all of God's chilrdren. He is Darrel D. Gibson Jr., known to many as BJ. He was born July 29, 1988 to Mr. & Mrs. Darrell & Sharon Gibson Sr; but reared by his beloved grandmother the late Mrs. Ardelia Ingram and his aunt the late Mrs. Essie B. Summers. These ladies instilled concepts of life into their young lad that still remains with him today; lessons of humanity, kindness, humbleness and loyalty to all.

Darrel Gibson Jr. has served in many roles of leadership throughout our community, most noted was his leadership as the Founder of YMUI, Youth Ministry on Urban Inspirations, a community oriented youth ministry he led at the age of twelve with more than 150 young people. He has served as President of the NAACP Youth Council, presently a member of NAACP, Scotland County Ministerial Alliance, Ministerial Association, Founder of Dress for Work Initiative at East Laurinburg Alternative Learning Academy, Junior Class President of Scotland High School Class of 2006 and many other religious and civic organizations. Most recently, in May he won the primary election for the Scotland County Board of Education in May and will continue in this venue in the general election in November.

Darrel Gibson Jr. is a trend setter for the new millennium youth, as he serves as the youngest pastor in the General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. He serves as Pastor of the wonderful, Nazareth Missionary Baptist Church in Wagram, NC. Under his leadership of nearly four years the church membership has grown tremendously, a number of effective ministries have been redesigned and created while relationships have been revived. Pastor Gibson leads the congregation in a vision of Mounting Membership, Developing Discipleship & Reviving Relationships.

Pastor Gibson has a passion and love for all people, daily preaching and proclaiming to the youth the importance of deriving their Life’s Blue Print, finding the purpose for which they were created and not allowing trials and difficulties to deter them from achieving their God destined goals. Pastor Gibson’s love and passion for young people is evident in his loyalty and faithfulness to his constant service to the youth of his church and the entire community. He is always willing to give us his time and resources to help anyone, especially the youth.

One of Pastor Gibson’s fondest and dearest insights to young people is to strive for success by overcoming your fear of failure....take chances, step out, move forward and more importantly whatever is assigned to you- do your very best in all that you do.